District attorneys make life-changing decisions for thousands of people here in Massachusetts every day. This fall, voters in six contested races have the opportunity to choose the right candidate who would help restore and strengthen our communities.

Plymouth County

Population: 521,202

District Attorney

Cruz was appointed to the office in 2001 and has since run as the incumbent. During the subsequent four elections, there have been two challengers.

Timothy J. Cruz (R)

DA Election History & Turnout

2010 Primary

1 Democrat; 1 Republican

2010 General

6% left DA field blank;

59% overall voter turnout

2014 Primary

No Contest

2014 General

No Contest

2018 Primary

  • Democratic Primary: 
    • John E. Bradley, Jr. won 72.7% as a write-in candidate with no other challengers
    • 86% of voters left the DA field blank

2018 General

  • Timothy J. Cruz won 57% of the vote and challenger John E. Bradley, Jr. 43%
  • 4% of voters left the DA field blank